Braganza Food

An established leader in commodities trading and commodities infrastructure investing combined with farmer services for a better world.

Braganza Quality Control

Braganza Food focuses on sustainable farming with the producers to deliver the best organic products to our customers.

Braganza Eco-Friendly

As the leading organic food producer and trader, we maintain an environmental ethics vision and eco-friendly policy of growing and selling healthy food.

Our Approach

Our Approach Braganza Foods identifies opportunities across the commodities value chain through physical and financial trading, asset optimization, infrastructure investing and farmer services. We combine modern and innovative knowledge about commodities and agriculture with our important task in the area of social responsibility (sustainability, foodsafety, health /organic, and fair trade). We are innovative in our thinking and provide an environment for entrepreneurial talent, small family farmers and small communities in the interior of countries in South America and the Caribbean

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Our Team


Braganza Food is based in Suriname but also has offices in the Netherlands and the UK. Suriname acts as a hub between suppliers in South America and the Caribbean and the sales markets; the representations in Europe are there to steer the concrete projects and sales in the right direction.