Trading Commodities

You can have your own farm producing exotic fruits and vegetables or fish in Suriname.

You only need to invest a small fixed amount of US dollars and pick the crop or fish you want. Within a year you will be rewarded with a yield and profit in return.

  • Farmland: 2ha
  • Pick from 100 crops
  • Export compliance
  • Visit any time
  • Watch via web cams
  • English Speaking

The cost for having your own farm in Suriname with a one time investment 50.000 USD is low. You will only have to prefinance costs in advance and you will have a profit within a year.

  • Payments are secure
  • Islamic banking
  • Guidance is financed
  • Farmer gets salary
  • Land is hired
  • Monthly report

After one year you will already get crops or yield from your land. Two to ten 40ft containers with melons, rambutan or mango are a normal amount you can expect.

  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • UAE Import compliance
  • EU Import compliance
  • 20% Profit in 1 year
  • Exit possible annually
  • Export personalized

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